Jun 12, 2021

Apart from neck and back pain, prolonged sitting (>7 hours/day) can also cause hip and abdominal muscles stiffness. [1]⏳ This can then affect our hip health and function. A neglected area of the body, the hips are our powerhouse in many daily activities such as walking, running, and squatting. Did you know that our hips can actually move in 6 directions? 🀯

To start looking after your hip health, here are some simple Pilates-incorporated exercises that are suitable for beginners and those who are physically inactive. β˜‘οΈ Pilates is a mind-body exerciserequiring core stability, strength, and flexibility, whilst paying attention to muscle control, posture, and breathing. [2] Pilates can be used in a clinical setting, with or without equipment, to help manage injuries and musculoskeletal pain. [3]

1️⃣ Supine hip controlled articular rotations (CARs), 5 each direction
2️⃣ Modified 90/90s, 5 each direction
3️⃣ Edge of bed hip flexor stretch, 10 secs 3-5 reps
4️⃣ Clam shells with pilates ball, 10-15 reps
5️⃣ Single leg kicks, 8-10 reps

If you or anyone you know is interested to start your rehab journey with us, do drop us a DM or call us at 62620970πŸ“ž to arrange an appointment! One of our therapy assistants even has a background in Pilates. 😊

πŸ“1. Boukabache, A., Preece, S. J., & Brookes, N. (2021). Prolonged sitting and physical inactivity are associated with limited hip extension: A cross-sectional study. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 51, 102282.
πŸ“2. Wells, C., Kolt, G. S., & Bialocerkowski, A. (2012). Defining Pilates exercise: a systematic review. Complementary therapies in medicine, 20(4), 253-262.
πŸ“3. Byrnes, K., Wu, P. J., & Whillier, S. (2018). Is Pilates an effective rehabilitation tool? A systematic review. Journal of bodywork and movement therapies, 22(1), 192-202.

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