Aug 19, 2021

As we age, our physical and cognitive health naturally decline. This decline is further perpetuated by inactivity or sedentary behaviour. There is a way to counter this decline however, which is through engaging in healthy behaviours such as exercise.🚶

With a decline in muscle strength or function, we also lose the ability to have good postural control and thus be more prone to falls. Falls are a leading cause of injury or even death in the elderly. In Singapore, about a third of those aged 65 and above have recurring falls and this rate increases sharply with age.🧓

Balance is the foundation of being upright, and should thus be included in exercise programmes, especially falls prevention for the elderly. In order to balance, our visual system👀, joints and muscles🦶, and vestibular/inner ear systems👂 have to work together.

You can even start training at home.

For beginners or non-exercisers, start by:
- sitting unsupported on a stable chair, lift one leg up while keeping body upright and not lean sideways
- standing near a stable surface, lift one leg up slightly while keeping body upright
Hold for 5-10 seconds, repeat 5-10 times, and switch legs.

Once stable, you may add movements:
- modified side lunge to pick up a small bottle, repeat 10 times
- modified Romanian deadlift to pick up a small bottle, repeat 10 times
- walking while carrying 2 cups of water
- walking while carrying a cup of water and talking to a friend
This challenges all the sensory inputs.

For advanced exercisers:
- after having good balance standing on one leg, add either arm or opposite leg movements. This will be harder with a weight or resistance band.
- you may further challenge yourself using equipment such as a Swiss ball.
Do not attempt if you have not been exercising regularly. 🤸

Remember to start small and slowly build up, incorporating into your workout routines. Athletes may need to do more than what is shown here in order to prevent sporting injuries. 😉

This is a non-comprehensive list so do seek a physiotherapist or arrange an appointment with us at 82182905🤳 / 62620970📞 for more specific methods suited for your needs.

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