Calling all physiotherapists who are keen to learn how to utilize evidence-backed manual therapy in current times.
Jul 28, 2022

Calling all physiotherapists who are keen to learn how to utilize evidence-backed manual therapy in current times...📣

PhysioSports is proud to be hosting The Manual to Great Therapy workshop with James Schomburgk and Kieran Richardson next February!

Why should you attend?🌟

✅You will learn and understand how manual therapy works, replacing old narratives about "putting things back into place, stretching scar tissue etc" which will improve the therapists' acceptance of manual therapy.

✅There is so much pressure from the wider community that manual therapy is a low value tool, but James and Kieran's experiences echo that it is one of the highest value tools to get immediate results and get the client to follow your care as they feel better!

✅Whilst you are doing manual therapy and making them feel better is when you can deliver positive messages to your client. You can use this as a tool to get these messages through as people want this and expect this.

✅People see soft tissue treatment and mobilisation as treatment. When you are just talking to them people think "this is good, but when are you actually going to treat me? When are you actually going to do the treatment?"

✅We want to teach you why one physio does one technique, but another physio does the same technique and gets a completely different result? We will teach you how to optimise your handling, the importance of the science behind mobilisation! (Yes, it actually exists). If you know the science of choosing the best technique, and we show you and you apply this practically and you can see the benefits, what would this do for your practice?

Join us for 2 full days of learning!
4th & 5th Feb 2023 (9am-6pm)
Venue: TBC
Early bird price: S$1350 (until 31 Oct 2022)
Regular price: S$1500

Registration is open, email us at, hurry as slots are limited!

Visit our clinic website or for more information.

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