Jul 25, 2022

Do you sometimes feel a pain or tingling sensation down your arm? ⚡ This could be nerve-related and reasons why you may have this include:
🔺a traction injury as you pull heavy luggage or bags
🔺constant pressure on your neck/shoulder muscles from carrying tote bags or backpacks
🔺sleeping in awkward positions or staying in the same position for prolonged periods

Any of these can cause irritation or press onto to the nerves that come out from our spinal cord and into our limbs.

For the arm, there are 3 main nerve branches:
🔹median nerve - runs down the front of the arm, forearm, to the first 3 & a ½ fingers.
🔹ulnar nerve - also runs down the front of the arm, towards the inside of your elbow, ring & little fingers. Also the culprit of the “funny bone”.
🔹radial nerve - runs down the back of the arm from the armpit to back of hand.
(photos are a rough representation)

Nerves need to glide & slide freely in our body so here are some exercises you can use to improve your nerve health, encourage blood flow to the nerve, thereby reducing pain & sensitivity of the nerve.

(All demonstrations assume right sided nerve pain)

1️⃣ Median nerve glide
2️⃣ Ulnar nerve glide
3️⃣ Radial nerve glide

If any of these are too painful or you're not sure which nerve to target, you can still try the next 2 exercises.

4️⃣ General nerve glide - a more gentle exercise
5️⃣ Gentle neck openers - reduces any irritation or compression by opening up the neck spinal joints

This is in no way an exhaustive list of techniques to manage nerve pain as we have not exactly assessed your condition. Always check in with your physiotherapist if you are unsure. 😊

DM or contact us at 62620970 / 82182905 for more information!

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