Aug 5, 2022

Feeling pain around your shoulder when you're on holiday?🧳 Or maybe you have heard this from your older relatives or parents? This is actually a common story that physiotherapists may hear from their patients.

The reason behind a shoulder strain during holiday is likely due to:
🔺Sudden lifting or pulling of heavier loads, which your joint and muscles are not used to
🔺Overuse of muscles due to repeatedly carrying or lifting overhead e.g. putting away cabin bags

You may feel:
🔹Pain or weakness lifting your arm up
🔹Pain lying on the affected side
🔹Some warmth or swelling around the front of your shoulder

If you don't have access to physiotherapists for example when you're on holiday, here are some tips to help you manage and hopefully allow you to still enjoy your trip!

(All demonstrations assume right sided pain)

✔️Isometric exercises are known to reduce pain by reducing the pain signals in the brain.🧠 Grab a towel, stand tall, keep your elbow bent at 90 degs, & push the towel into the wall enough to keep it from sliding off (you do not need 100% of your strength). Hold each position for 10 secs, repeat 8-10 times. Do not hike or round your shoulders.
1️⃣ Shoulder flexion (forwards)
2️⃣ Shoulder abduction + external rotation (outwards)
3️⃣ Shoulder internal rotation (inwards)
4️⃣ Shoulder extension (backwards)

✔️Shoulder blades retraction exercise to aid in stabilizing the shoulder joint.
✔️Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the pain area for 15-20 mins, 2-3x/day, for the first few days of pain. 🧊

Check in with your physiotherapist once you return from your trip to learn what else you may need to do for your pain. 😊

DM or contact us at 62620970 / 82182905 for more information!

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