Jun 11, 2022

Hellooo holidays! ✈️
As borders and restrictions continue to ease up, many of us are planning for overseas travel. However, instead of coming back more relaxed, sometimes holidays are a cause of stress instead. It is not unheard of for us to see patients coming in to the clinic with some injury or aches/pain following a trip.

Some common conditions seen include:
😞Neck ache or stiff neck
😞Nerve pain or tingling/numbness down arm
😞Shoulder pain (rotator cuff tear or injury)
😞Low back ache or pain
😞Knee pain or swelling
😞Heel or ankle pain

Let’s explore why!

🪑Sitting for a long journey ➡️we tend to sleep awkwardly, causing our neck to kink in weird angles. Staying in the same postures can also be a source of back ache.
🛍️🧳 Pulling luggage or carrying bags ➡️ the constant pulling on our neck or shoulder can cause a traction injury, which can irritate the nerves running down our arm. Carrying bags can also strain our muscles or cause them to tense up.
👜Lifting ➡️ if you are not used to the constant lifting or lifting things heavier than your usual daily load, it is easy to strain your back or shoulder muscles.
🚶‍♂️Prolonged standing, walking or taking stairs/hills ➡️ if your muscles are not conditioned or you don’t do this regularly, these can stress your knees, heel or ankle joints.

Here are some tips to reduce aches & pains!
✅Invest in a good neck pillow
✅Get up & move around if safe to do so
✅Change postures regularly, stretch
✅Do not overestimate what you are able to carry/lift
✅Put your bags down to rest your arms or shoulders
✅Sit down to rest your legs
✅Wear shoes that are comfortable & appropriate; function over fashion!
✅Condition or strengthen your body before embarking on a more physical trip
✅Plan ahead, do not pack too many physical activities in a day

Enjoy your holiday!

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