Nov 16, 2021

If you had guessed “hamstrings injury” in our recent IGstory as the top injury we have seen in our clinic this season then you are absolutely right! 💯

Based on our records and collected data, there were a total of 1️⃣6️⃣ hamstrings injuries amongst the 62 players we saw this year, and 6️⃣ hamstrings injuries amongst 36 Under 23 players. Following hamstrings injury, were groin injuries (adductors muscle group) and ankle sprains.

Although this is a relatively small sample size and pool of data, our findings are actually in line with previous studies done in other professional football players. The most commonly reported has been lower limb muscle or tendon injuries, mainly the hamstrings. 🦵

This finding can also be applied to amateur football players and those who play football casually. Hence, it is important to know what can increase the chances of a hamstrings injury and how to prevent it.

🔸Playing at a higher competition level
🔸Previous hamstrings injury
🔸Insufficient warm up or training before game play
🔸Unbalanced hamstrings & quadriceps strength ratio
🔸Poor hamstrings strength and/or endurance
🔸Tight hamstrings
🔸Lack of pelvic & core stability

Most of these factors can definitely be modified and worked on. Check in with your physiotherapist today for an assessment and learn how to rehabilitate or prevent a hamstrings injury! Injury prevention will definitely up your game too, even if it’s for Sunday social football. 😉

Send us a DM or contact us at 82182905 / 62620970 to find out more!📱

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