Nov 3, 2021

If you have knee OA, it is prudent to engage in an exercise routine as exercise can reduce pain and improve function if sustained for at least 2-6 months. Strengthening both the knee and hip have proven to be effective, so here are some that you may try to do for yourself.

💥Do not attempt to do the following if you have severe pain or swelling, or are not confident to execute it yourself.💥

1️⃣Inner range quads
2️⃣Knee extensions
3️⃣Hip abductions
4️⃣Half squats
5️⃣Split squats
6️⃣Step ups (please use the first step of a staircase, not a stool)
7️⃣Hamstring stretch

As a guide, build up to 10 repetitions each, 2-3 sets, and aim to do this on at least 3 days of the week. As you get stronger, modifications can be made to make the exercises more challenging.

No single exercise is better than the other, as it really differs from individual to individual. So do make sure to get an assessment and evaluation with a physiotherapist to know what is appropriate specifically for you! 🕵️

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