Aug 29, 2022

Most people will experience low back pain some time in their lives but what can you do when it strikes while you’re on holiday?🌍 Here are some tips the next time you feel some back ache or pain and do not have much available with you to relieve the pain.

Firstly, we need to understand why low back pain may strike while on holiday. Some reasons include:
🔺Repeated lifting of heavy bags/luggage 🧳 off the floor (which your leg and back muscles are not used to hence overloading them)
🔺Prolonged sitting on long flight/drive 🚗 (sitting actually puts more strain on your back muscles and joints vs standing/walking)
🔺Sleeping on a mattress 🛏️ you are not used to (too soft or too firm)

The pain may come on anytime. If you feel it when you are standing or walking, please find a comfortable position to rest.
🔹Your back may be more flexed or arched, depending on pain directional preference
🔹Breathe deeply into your back
🔹Take as long as you need until the pain subsides

✔️Make use of pillows or cushions to feel more supported during sleep. It is typically more comfortable to keep your spine in a neutral position. To achieve this while
🔸Lying on your back: have a pillow supporting your neck and top of shoulders, another pillow under the knees
🔸Lying on your side: have a pillow supporting your neck, another pillow between the knees and ankles
✔️Get in and out of bed by going onto your side first (you may need to try which side is more comfortable)
✔️Introduce movements early, use some simple bed exercises to get started, 8-10 reps each, 2-3x/day
🔸Knee rolls
🔸Single knee hugs
🔸Kneeling rockbacks to child’s pose
🔸Cat/cow pose

Check in with your physiotherapist once you return from your trip to learn what else you may need to do for your pain. 😊 Please share this post to those who may benefit from this information.

DM or contact us at 62620970 / 82182905 for more information!

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