Apr 13, 2022

Pain in the hip can be caused by many structures & factors so it’s important that your physiotherapist assesses you properly. Your physiotherapist will assess a variety of movements & utilize multiple tests to build a clearer picture of your condition.

After assessing basic movements, overpressure & combined movements can be used to further stress the hip joint.
Whilst not everyone may have the mobility of our patient in the video, it is always important to check both sides to identify what is the individual’s “normal”.

How much the hip joint can rotate provides clues on the joint articulation & possible tightness of structures. There are a few special tests for the hip joint, such as the Straight Leg Raise & the FABER test. Sometimes, the low back (lumbar spine) can refer pain to the hip so this should be checked as well. ✅

Here are some treatment methods to consider:
1️⃣ Hip joint mobilizations
2️⃣ Deep hip external rotators strengthening, as this creates stability by keeping the head of the femur centered in the hip joint
3️⃣ Hip stretches & strengthening exercises
4️⃣ Lumbar joint mobilizations

Other exercises & techniques to manage your pain really depends on the presentation of your condition. Do check in with your physiotherapist to find out more!

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