Jun 7, 2021

Physiosports Case Study 💫 (sound on 🔊)

40 yo Mr Hafez presented with groin pain after kicking a long range ball during soccer. He was able to walk with pain score 3/10 but could not squat, cross his leg, or sit on a hard or low surface. Sitting in a car was also uncomfortable with stops and turns. He tried to self manage but came to us when there was no improvement in symptoms after 1 week. 😔

On examination, there was bruising and swelling of the adductor muscles group with tenderness to touch at the muscles origin and pain score 8/10. Resisted adduction caused pain 6/10 and there was loss in strength. The impression was a grade II adductor muscle tear. 💥

The adductor muscles group make up the inner thigh with the function of pulling the thighs together, rotating the thigh inwards, as well as providing stability for the hip/pelvis region. 🦵

These muscles are commonly injured in sports whereby there is a rapid change in direction and a strong eccentric contraction of the muscles such as kicking a ball during soccer. ⚽️

Our initial treatment to manage pain and inflammation consisted of:
1️⃣ Ultrasound therapy
2️⃣ Interferential current
3️⃣ Kinesio taping
4️⃣ Utilizing the P.O.L.I.C.E. protocol - protect joint, optimal loading, ice compression (with our Game Ready Med4 Elite machine), elevation

With improvement in his symptoms, we were able to start with:
5️⃣ Soft tissue massage and
6️⃣ Shockwave therapy to reduce muscle spasm, break up adhesions and promote tissue healing

7️⃣ A home exercise programme was also prescribed to start strengthening the adductors and prevent deconditioning of other muscles groups.

Stay tuned to follow Mr Hafez on his rehab journey.

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