Jun 14, 2021

Physiosports Case Study Series ✨
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Welcome back to the story of Mr Hafez. On his 3rd session with us, there was marked improvement in his symptoms. There was less pain but still a loss in strength. He was happy to know that he could begin strengthening work.

Feeling better, naturally he wanted to do more. He was however, over-zealous with his exercises at home and started to feel a strain.💢 This happens when we do too much, too fast. A graded exposure to exercise and gradual progression is necessary for recovery and prevention of injuries. Mr Hafez contacted us and we were able to advise him accordingly in order to self-manage before his next visit. 👍

During the next visit, there was some improvement and yet also some localized bruising near his adductor muscles origin, where he re-strained his muscles.

We continued with 1️⃣ Interferential current and 2️⃣ Shockwave therapy to manage the inflammation and promote tissue healing.

Taking into account his passion for sports and exercise, we managed his expectations on what exercise was appropriate and incorporated some football movements to keep him motivated and encouraged.

This consisted of:

3️⃣ Adductor sliders with FLOWIN® board (less loading on muscles)
4️⃣ Resisted adduction and abduction (it is important to have 1:1 ratio of adductor to abductor strength in soccer players)

5️⃣ 50% body weight jogging on the ALTER-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill (less loading, progressive return to sport)

6️⃣ Short football passes
7️⃣ One touch mini volley on foam
For balance and coordination.

To reduce any chance of re-injury from the session, we made sure to use the 8️⃣ Med4elite ice compression.

We will continue to follow up with Mr Hafez to make sure he returns to the field in tip top shape! 🦵

If you or anyone you know is interested to start your rehab journey with us, do drop us a DM or call us at 62620970📞 to arrange an appointment!

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