Jul 2, 2021

Physiosports Case Study Series ✨

Today we look at Ms Regine, who has been suffering from recurring shin pain since 2019. At the time, she had moved on to professional ballet after completing her Advanced Diploma in Dance studies. This meant that there was a big increase in the time she spent dancing and as a result, increased load on her lower extremities.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS), or shin splints, refers to exercise-induced pain over the anterior tibia or shin. It is an early stress injury in the continuum of tibial stress fractures, which Ms Regine eventually suffered. 🦴

Her stress fracture healed but she was told to stop dancing. However, we believe that given her youth, passion for ballet, and our confidence in treating her, she should be able to return to ballet, even if as a hobby. 🩰

To diagnose shin splints, we first need to carry out a thorough assessment. Static and dynamic postural deviations or abnormalities can give rise to injuries. In particular, pes planus and over pronation has been associated with shin splints.

Weakness of muscles, especially tibialis anterior, is often implicated in shin splints. The tibialis anterior is important in supporting the foot arch, and controlling the deceleration or eccentric control of the foot during running and jumping activities. If it is weak, it fatigues easily, leading to altered running or jumping mechanics, straining the shin more. This is seen in the way Ms Regine hops and lands loudly on the left foot. πŸƒ

We will share more on how we can manage her condition. Do stay tuned!

If you or anyone you know is interested to start your rehab journey with us, do drop us a DM or call us at 82182905🀳 / 62620970πŸ“ž to arrange an appointment!

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