Sep 29, 2021

Regardless an ankle sprain or high ankle sprain, a comprehensive rehabilitation programme or protocol is needed. Although ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports, less than 50% of individuals seek medical treatment. As such, 1/3 of them can go on to experience chronic ankle instability and recurring sprains. 🦶

Once the acute phase has settled, a physiotherapist can prescribe some isolated ankle strengthening exercises. This should also be followed by single leg dynamic exercises that work to improve proprioception and control/balance that is often affected after an ankle sprain.

Here are some exercises you can try:
1️⃣Single leg hops on the spot
2️⃣Single leg hop and stick (forwards)
3️⃣Single leg hop fast (forwards)
5️⃣Crossover hops

This is essential especially for athletes and people looking to return to sports.🏀⚽🎾 A study recently published a return to sport criteria to help guide the rehabilitation process and recommendations. They came up with the PAASS framework, which refers to:
▪️Pain severity during sport participation & over last 24 hours
▪️Ankle impairments
▪️Athlete perception of their own ankle & how ready they feel
▪️Sensorimotor control
▪️Sport/functional performance

Your physiotherapist will assess these factors before progressing your exercises and help to plan when you can return to sport. ☑️

If you or anyone you know is interested to start your rehab journey with us, do drop us a DM or call us at 82182905🤳 / 62620970📞 to arrange an appointment!

📝1. Smith, M. D., Vicenzino, B., Bahr, R., Bandholm, T., Cooke, R., Mendonça, L. D. M., ... & Delahunt, E. (2021). Return to sport decisions after an acute lateral ankle sprain injury: introducing the PAASS framework—an international multidisciplinary consensus. British Journal of Sports Medicine.
📝2. Chinn, L., & Hertel, J. (2010). Rehabilitation of ankle and foot injuries in athletes. Clinics in sports medicine, 29(1), 157.

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