Nov 26, 2021

Remember Mr Hafez from our adductor muscle tear case study? He is back! 🏃

Just a recap on Mr Hafez. He is 40 this year, currently coaching at a football academy and also a football scout. In the past 2 years, he has had 3 major injuries! 😨

He has since returned to football with rehab, thus recognizing the value & importance of rehab & injury prevention. In this video, he will show us some simple exercises to level up your hamstrings to prevent injury! 🦵

1️⃣ Isometric co-contraction with wall -- our muscles seldom work in isolation, so this is a great way to ensure good coordination & activation between the hamstrings & calf muscles. It also helps to build up our neural connectivity or muscle-mind connection.

2️⃣ Single leg Romanian deadlift (RDL) with kettlebell (KB)/any weight -- a great way to build up posterior chain muscle strength & stability.

3️⃣ Prone hamstring tantrums with swissball -- harder than it looks! This builds up your hamstrings muscles control.

4️⃣ Nordic hamstring curls -- don't be fooled, you can get injured if you do this wrongly. Try to lean forwards without letting your hips bend too early on. Just a few reps because this is quite taxing on the muscles.
Beginner's tip: begin with small range isometric holds! This is often good enough to feel the hamstrings muscles working hard for newbies.

Thank you Mr Hafez & do check in with your physiotherapist if you need any help with injury prevention or rehab. Send us a DM or contact us at 82182905 / 62620970!📱

P.S. this is not just for footballers! Anyone who exercises regularly can give it a go.

📝1. Vatovec, R., Kozinc, Ž., & Šarabon, N. (2020). Exercise interventions to prevent hamstring injuries in athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysis. European journal of sport science, 20(7), 992-1004.

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