Dec 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen multiple disruptions to school & organized sports. This means irregular training & sports sessions. With the easing of restrictions, we may wish to allow our children to go for more training sessions or even sign them up for competitions. 🏆

However, the bones & muscles of growing children are not fully formed yet, therefore they are not able to handle as much stress as adults. Any changes to training load or intensity can give rise to injuries if not monitored or increased at an appropriate pace for children. This can cause overtraining syndrome or overuse injuries.🤕

There are 2 reasons for this:
1) The pressure for a child to compete & specialize in one sport early on means that the child continually uses the same muscle groups over & over again. This causes fatigue of the muscle groups and overuse.
2) A sudden increase in training or competition can be too much for the child to rest or recover from, resulting in overtraining.

At PhysioSports, we have already seen 2 children this holidays with overuse injuries. The list is non-exhaustive but some common childhood injuries include Sever’s disease, Osgood-Schlatter disease, and joint sprains.

Look out 👀 for these signs that may indicate overtraining or injury:
1) Pain or swelling not due to fall/impact
2) Reduced motivation/interest in sport
3) Reduced performance in sport/school
4) Fatigue or change in sleep habits
5) Mood swings

Here are some tips to prevent it:
☑️Limit the number of teams your child is playing in one season
☑️Ensure proper rest & recovery - the no. of hours spent in organized sport a week should not exceed a child's age in years for e.g. a 9 yr old shld not spend more than 9 hours a week in organized sport
☑️Ensure they play other sports in the year
☑️Monitor increases in training load – best to discuss with coaches as well
☑️Encourage children not to feel pressure during sports play

If you suspect your child has been overtraining, is injured, or would like to know more, do check in with your physiotherapist! Send us a DM or contact us at 82182905 / 62620970!📱

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