Feb 4, 2022

Today we show some examples of exercises that can be used to rehabilitate a popliteus strain. Just to recap, the popliteus muscle is found at the back of the knee. It helps to "unlock" the knee by externally rotating the femur (or internally rotating the tibia), & is a knee stabilizer. 🦵

Surprisingly there's not that many research papers to look at with regards to the rehabilitation of a popliteus strain. However, Nyland et al. (2005) recommended a multiplanar task progression simulating the popliteus action in both weight-bearing & non weight-bearing positions, as well as to include exercises that improve 3-dimensional dynamic lower extremity postural stability. So here are some examples that we can draw from their article. 🤙

1️⃣ Prone banded knee, while trying to internally rotate tibia
2️⃣ Standing banded knee, while trying to internally rotate tibia
3️⃣ Stepping exercise, in different directions while maintaining pelvic stability
4️⃣ Cross-over hop, focus on push off
5️⃣ Continuous cross-over hop, focus on push off & landing

Give them a go & let us know! But do check in with your physiotherapist for assessment & exercise prescription. DM or call us at 62620970 / 82182905!📱

📝1. Nyland, J., Lachman, N., Kocabey, Y., Brosky, J., Altun, R., & Caborn, D. (2005). Anatomy, function, and rehabilitation of the popliteus musculotendinous complex. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 35(3), 165-179.

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