Mar 4, 2023

We are now in the 2nd round of the NSL season in Singapore with all clubs having packed back-to-back fixtures. This may raise chances of injuries due to overload and fatigue, so let’s talk a little about injuries in netball.

Netball is a popular sport, with over 20 million people of all ages playing it all over the world. Netball is a non-contact sport, and yet there are high rates of injuries.

🔹Most injuries to the ankles and knees
🔹Head and facial injuries are rare
🔹More injuries with age
🔹Sprains, strains (including overuse injuries), abrasions, bruises common
🔹Fractures that occur are mainly to the upper limb, with 75% of fractures to the fingers

Statistically, there are some differences between injuries in children and adults. Children overall have less injuries, but about half of their injuries are to the upper limb. Children also have more fractures than adults; fractures make up 22% of injuries in children.

In adults, injuries to the lower limb are more common and mainly consists of ligament sprains or muscle strains. The structures usually affected are the ankle ligaments, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee, and Achilles tendon. Fractures make up only 13.3% of injuries in adults. There is a higher rate of injury in elite or professional netball players as compared to recreational players. ACL ruptures are highest in those aged 24-35 years old, while Achilles tendon rupture is highest in those aged 35-44 years old.

The mechanisms of injury are usually due to:
🔺Trips, slips or falls
🔺Awkward landings
🔺Collisions or player contact
🔺Being hit by the ball

Reducing injury risk is multi-factorial but presently, injury prevention should focus on ankles and knees during the pre-season. This could include strengthening of the muscles, balancing exercises, and working on landing or footwork technique. In some cases, braces or taping may be useful.

Check in with our physiotherapists for more advice. 😊 Send us a DM or contact us at 82182905 / 62620970!📱

See ya at the games! Netball Singapore

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