Oct 28, 2021

With osteoarthritis (OA) affecting up to 10% of Singaporean adults, & 20% of the elderly population, it is important to know how to manage it. Most people know that you can see a Doctor or Orthopaedic Specialist to treat it. Doctors can offer painkillers, supplements/vitamins, & even joint injections to try to increase the joint lubrication and thus reduce pain. Some of the common injections are: platelet rich plasma (PRP), Hyaluronic Acid (SYNVISC), & Hyalofast. Sometimes, surgery is offered, such as a simple scope & debridement, or a more extensive knee replacement (which could also be partial or total). 🦵

Research has shown however, that these approaches should not be the only priority. Exercise and weight management have shown to be effective in managing knee OA, if sustained for at least 2-6 months.🤓

As such, number 1️⃣ is exercise & weight management, followed by 2️⃣ painkillers or injections for relief, & 3️⃣ surgery as the last resort to manage knee OA.

Before being able to exercise, those with knee OA may actually be in a lot of pain & swelling or inflammation. In that manner, physiotherapy then plays an essential role.

Upon assessment & examination, physiotherapists can employ different techniques to improve the condition without using medication or invasive techniques. Depending on the presentation, we may use soft tissue & joint mobilization to reduce muscle tightness or joint stiffness. For patients with really tight muscles & are unable to get into a comfortable position to stretch, we can do assisted stretches.

Modalities such as ultrasound therapy, current therapy, & ice compression can be used to manage any swelling or inflammation. The examples in the video shown are by all means non-exhaustive & purely just an example out of many.

Subsequently, exercises will be prescribed based on individual needs. By strengthening the leg muscles, the knee joint is better supported. Exercise also supports weight loss, hence there will be overall less stress on the knee joint, thereby reducing pain. ☑️

We will share some exercise ideas in another video.

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